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Gold Bead Implants 
are the first choice treatment for arthritis. We call it goldacupuncture because it is based on,
and is a special form of, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


This permanent acupuncture means the implantation of 23 kt gold beads into special acupuncture points.

Goldacupuncture has proven its efficacy since 1975 in veterinary practice.

Gold Bead Implantation was developed by Dr. Terry Durkes (see his article here).

The main applications are for hip and ellbow dysplasia (with a positive result of more than 95%), chronic arthritis in the shoulder, elbow, knee (stifle) in dogs and cats and distal joints in horses (navicular disease, spavin).
Even in wobblers we have a success rate at least similar to surgery treatment.

Once positive results are achieved they last for several years and possibly to the end of the animals life.

In order to best benefit from this treatment, the owner must have an understanding of how goldacupuncture works and handle the animal accordingly.

Only  o n e  treatment is necessary. Nothing is cut, removed or replaced. There is no need for aftercare, no further painkillers (in rare cases they are reduced to a minimum) or anti-inflammatory drugs. Movement in the animal becomes almost normal providing it with a high quality of life.

This special form of acupuncture is available at the


6462 Penetanguishene Rd. (Hwy 93) Waverley, ON L0L 1P0 , Canada (705) 835-7005

(see address on a map)

performed by Dr. Michael Wolters, an experienced IVAS-certified acupuncturist.

For more information or if you have any questions, please send an email: info(at)goldacupuncture.com