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Goldacupuncture for Dogs

Vizsla, male neutered, 11 years, both sides diagnosed ED.

This in a rare comparison between the before and after treatment.
Pictures (videos) show more than words.
Even today there are still small miracles.
The second video was taken some days after the gold bead treatment.

Before gold treatment(11.0 MB)          After gold treatment (13,7 MB)

Report from Ally:

(Diagnosis at the age of ten months: both severe hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, resulting in the arthritic deterioration of these joints, as well as a shoulder defect.)

»It has been almost 10 months since Ally had her implants and we still have difficulty believing she is the same dog that we used to watch struggle getting up and walking and running awkwardly.

She is a puppy all over again. She loves to swim and retrieve her water kong. As a precaution I don't throw it for her until she is in water up to her belly.

She would never jump into or out of my SUV and now does it with ease although I limit this....again as a precaution to reduce impact and strain on her joints.

She gets walked at least twice a day and if I let her it would be a run, not a walk. She loves the snow and runs through it and rolls in it having the time of her life. I try to limit her running in the deep snow or, for that matter, any of the above activities for extended periods, again, just as a precaution.

When she finally decides to rest she will lay down in one of her favourite spots, but, when it's time to eat, relieve herself or for her next walk, getting up is not a problem and she does it with enthusiasm characteristic of a puppy.

She plays with other dogs and chases or gets chased by them. She never whines or shows any sign of pain. For maintenance only, we give her a combo glucosamine & chondroitin pill twice a day.

Ally is now the puppy we hoped for and we are believers in the gold implant process.«

Tale of Two Golden Girls

If you are interested in a detailed story of successful treatment (8 pages total, pdf-download):

A dog owner found the way to gold bead implants (goldacupuncture).
After the remarkable result for her puppy she was wondering if this could be done in humans, too. It can.

Read this report and learn something about a thriving therapy for arthritis.

Here it is: the dog (part 1) and the owner (part 2).